Herbal Teas OR Herbal Tisane

Herbal Teas OR Herbal Tisane

Are you looking to add a bit of zing and variety to your daily routine? Then herbal tea or tisane is just the thing for you! Not only are herbal teas full of flavor, they can also carry a wide range of health benefits depending on their ingredients. Whether it’s aiding in digestion, improving sleep quality or calming stress levels, herbal tea has something for everyone. So let’s delve into some more details about this soothing beverage and discover what makes herbal tea so special.

What is herbal tea or tisane ?

Nowadays, many of the herbal and fruit blends we enjoy are consumed via what is popularly known as a tea bag. Thus these drinks commonly referred to as "fruit teas" or "herbal teas."

Rather than calling it an herbal tea, a more precise and historically accurate name is 'tisane'. This term essentially means to produce a warm beverage by steeping herbs, spices or other plants in hot water. The root of the word tisane dates all the way back to 14th century Anglo-French; additionally its Latin form ‘ptisana’ and Greek origins “ptisane” indicate ancient processes involving crushing barley with mortar and pestle before mixing said crushed grains into water as an infusion.

Nowadays, tisane is the universal designation for medicinal and herbal infusions across many nations. However, hearkening back to centuries ago when Ayurvedic medicine practices were prominent in India and traditional Chinese remedies flourished, people have long partaken of tisanes for both healing purposes as well as bolstering overall health.

Are Herbal Teas Caffeine Free?

Herbal teas, like chamomile, peppermint, rooibos and hibiscus are naturally without caffeine so they tend to be favored by those wanting or needing to reduce their intake. Also for coffee-lovers who desire the taste of tea but not necessarily its stimulating effects - herbal varieties make a great option late in the day so as to avoid any sleepless nights caused by overly buzzed energy levels!

For those who want the energy boost of caffeine, some herbal infusions made by combining Herbs with Green Tea, Oolong Tea or White Tea provides just that. An 8-ounce cup of green tea contains between 30 and 50 mg while oolong tea offers 37 to 55 milligrams per serving. White tea contains the lowest caffeine. So if you're looking for late afternoon vigor without throwing off your sleep schedule, these infused blends are perfect! And best yet? You can get both convenience and healthful ingredients in one cup - truly liquid gold!


What are Health Benefits of Herbal Teas?

The advantages of herbal teas are vast and diverse, just like the herbs themselves. Have difficulty sleeping? Feeling joint pain or sluggishness? Having digestive issues? Looking to manage weight naturally? Want to cleanse or detox your body and organs? Identifying which benefit you’d most appreciate can help to whittle down your choices and find the ideal blend for YOU!

Herbal tea is so sought-after because it is an easy and convenient way to reap the health benefits of various herbs, spices and plants. Consuming raw ingredients like cinnamon or chamomile would be difficult (and not exactly pleasant!) but through transforming them into a warm beverage, you can effortlessly enjoy these flavors on a daily basis in both a tasty and sustainable format.

So, exactly which health benefits do SOL herbal teas deliver?

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety: The renowned Chamomile has been known for its soothing properties since time immemorial. By combining two potent herbs - namely, chamomile and lemongrass - one can easily experience relief from anger, stress and any kind of body pain. Get ready to bask in ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with this herbal blend! There are countless benefits to consuming this tea: promoting sound sleep, reducing stress & anxiety, aiding in digestion, lowering blood pressure and even boosting mental strength! All this thanks to the polyphenol apigenin found in chamomile, which has been linked to feelings of relaxation and ease. Unwind after a long day by enjoying a warm cup of caffeine-free Calming Chamomile from SOL – it’s sure to get you ready for the sweet dreams ahead.
  2. Boost Immunity with Tangerine Turmeric, an immune-boosting blend made with a unique mix of ingredients including turmeric, lemon peel, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom and lemongrass! This spicy blend concoction is naturally packed with high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties — all to help give your body the boost it needs! So if you’re feeling under the weather or need that extra immunity boost, then look no further as our Tangerine Turmeric spiced blend will have you feeling like new in no time. Our caffeine-free specialty mixture is designed to fight against cough and cold symptoms while relieving a sore throat. Plus there are many other benefits such as promoting healthier hair and skin and better gut health. So no matter what goal you have in mind for health improvement — Tangerine Turmeric has got your back! 
  3. Detox Liver: Looking for a detox that's effective, but still gentle on your body? Look no further: Jolly Jecur has you covered! With herbs like Nettle, Echinacea, Sarsa Parilla, Milk Thistle, and Dandelion your liver, gut, and blood will feel better than ever before. All these natural cleansers come together in one tea that’s sure to produce some jolly feelings! So if you are looking to reverse the effects of habits such as drinking alcohol, soft drinks, sugary and processed foods on your liver, this is the herbal tea for you. Enjoy the ultimate cleansing and detox properties of this caffeine-free blend.
  4. Detox Lungs: Combining green tea with nine powerful herbs specially formulated for maximum health benefits, Cuppa Cure, the lung cleaning tea works hard so you don't have to. With ingredients such as cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, fennel, ginger, senna leaves, triphla, tulsi, rose and black pepper – each sip packs in the full flavour. Together they form an effective blend which can clear toxins and nourishes your cells with essential vitamins & minerals. What’s even greater? Cuppa Cure will leave your senses refreshed while decreasing cravings and cleaning up those lungs!  Want to break free from addiction and cleanse your lungs? Then this is the tea for you.
  5. Weight loss: Our weight loss superhero, Willowy Wulong, is packed with immune-boosting ingredients, like Oolong tea, Green tea, Mint, Cinnamon, Licorice, Rooibos, Tulsi, Ginger, Jasmine, Moringa and Gymnema Sylvester. Plus the added benefits of Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Fennel and Lemongrass work to give you a lasting edge in your fight against unwanted pounds. Not only will Willowy Wulong help you achieve your weight loss goals effectively and safely through these powerful herbs - boosting your metabolism while aiding digestion and gut health - but it’s also an enabler of better overall health. Lasting improvements include stronger bones and joints; youthful skin complexion; improved cognitive responses for focused energy combined with turmeric and ashwagandha; plus Pipli, Cardamom and others combine to knock down inflammation from within. Try Willowy Wulong today and feel revitalized from the inside out!
  6. Promote Skin and Hair quality: A lot of our herbal teas help support improvements in skin and hair. But nothing like the ultimate tea: Blissful Berries. An all-natural, skin-loving drink mix packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C to give you a total health and beauty upgrade! Enjoy the sweet tropical fruit flavours of strawberry, pineapple, cranberry and orange peel while rejuvenating your skin from within. Not only that, but this caffeine-free herbal tea mix also helps boost collagen production, eliminate dead skin cells and even strengthen your immunity.
  7. Anti-viral, Anti-Bacterial, Promotes Respiratory health: In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, people across the globe are turning to preventive measures to boost their immunity. Kwath Kadha is a powerful caffeine-free herbal blend that packs a punch of natural herbs proven to increase immunity, fight viruses and bacteria, help with respiratory problems and much more. Turbocharge your system by taking in its organic blends; Tulsi which provide a strong barrier against free radicals; Cinnamon that is known as 'healer' to countless ailments; Ginger that brings serenity to your body with its calming effects; Black Pepper for decongesting activities; Amla for energizing properties; Giloy for detoxification purpose plus Turmeric serving as a great source of antioxidants in every sip. To give you every recipe a hint of something extra delicious -- we have thrown in Licorice root for good taste. This unique combination of herbs creates an aromatic and delicious brew that’s packed with antioxidants that protect your body’s cells from free radicals and toxins. 


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Herbal tea is the perfect concoction for whatever ails you - no worrying about negative side effects! So, seize the day and find your favorite mix. Cheers to good health!


How Often Should I Drink Herbal Tea? 

The frequency at which you should drink herbal tea depends on the purpose for which you are drinking it. If you are drinking it for medicinal purposes such as to treat digestive issues or inflammation, then it is best to drink it every day until your symptoms subside. However, if you’re simply looking to enjoy its relaxing effects or reap its antioxidant benefits, then once or twice a week is sufficient. It is important to note that too much of any one type of tea may result in an uncomfortable reaction due to its high concentrations of active compounds. Therefore, it is best to stick with lower doses when possible and listen to your body if you experience any adverse reactions from drinking herbal tea. 



Herbal teas offer a wide array of health benefits including reducing inflammation and helping digestion. They also provide antioxidants that can fight off harmful free radicals found in our bodies and help us relax after a long day. The frequency with which you should drink these beneficial teas depends on why you’re drinking them; however, moderation is key when it comes to consuming anything - including herbal tea! So next time you’re looking for some relief or just want something soothing at the end of a long day - reach for an herbal tea instead!


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