Here's a bit about us

“mens sana in corpore sana” meaning “a sound mind in a sound body”

In order to achieve longevity a person needs to find his reason for being. Not only a sound mind can help you realise it, a sound body is needed to act on it. We believe that people feel good about themselves when they do something beneficial for their body. 

SOL is all about equipping people to achieve happiness and live a stress-free life. We started on this journey a year ago and thought about ways to bring cosmic joy to people. We speculated a lot and reached back to our roots where everything was natural, organic, from our gardens, without any artificial flavours. Thereupon, we came up with SOL, linking all the things and ways of life to revitalise our soul.

We are beginning with blends of herbs and green teas that provides immunity and anti-ageing, detoxes your body, provides relaxation and improves brain function.

Do try them out and visit us again if you enjoyed our collection.

Make time for your body, mind and soul.