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Our Energy Green tea is a unique blend of whole-leaf Green tea brought to you in its purest form straight from the luxurious tea gardens of Assam. This SOL tea has a unique piquant taste of natural ingredients that will energize you instantly. Possessing undertones of fruity & flowery flavour with the nutrition of both, this tea is excellent whether drunk as a hot brew or cold.

Health Benefits

  • Green Tea keeps you satiated for a longer duration thereby helping in weight management.
  • Hibiscus helps manage Pitta Dosha symptoms such as a rise in body heat.
  • Melon seeds are rich in vital minerals such as Iron, Zinc, Magnesium and healthy fats
  • Lemon Peels are a rich source of Vitamin-C and help you maintain oral hygiene and health.
  • Marigold Petals are a well-known antiseptic and have been used for centuries against bacterial infections.

Why drink this tea?

The bioactive chemicals in green tea have been shown to improve cognitive performance. Green Tea is rich in Catechins, which are known to bind with harmful free radicals in our bodies and neutralise them.


Assam Green tea, Natural Apple Bits, Hibiscus, Lemon Peels, Melon Seeds, Marigold petals, Strawberry Flavour


Contains Caffeine


Can be consumed hot or cold

Steeping Instructions

Brewing Temperature: 90 deg.C; Brewing Time: 2-3 mins

Tasting Notes

Luscious aromas of apple and hibiscus and accents of marigold and strawberries




Loose Leaves are packed in a tight-lid cylindrical container after they have been vacuum-sealed in aluminium pouches, which protect the teas from moisture and light, thereby preventing loss of aroma and deterioration over time.

We also offer pyramid tea bags which allow better herb infusion where all the ingredients are visible through the naked eye.

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Brewing Instructions

  • Get the water ready

    Bring the water to a temperature between 90 and 99 degrees Celsius

  • Pour it

    Fill your cup or glass with water first or pour it into the jug or teapot.

  • Add the tea leaves

    Add the tea leaves to the water (2 gram leaves for 6oz water). Add to water directly or use a tea strainer/infuser.

  • Let it brew

    The tea needs 3-5 mins to steep. Don't let it steep for too long, the tea will become bitter/grassy.

  • Enjoy your perfect cup

    Strain the tea leaves from the water. You can steep the same leaves 2-3 times.

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